Chorus shoots for fibre-in-a-day

*Watch Rod Oram's full interview with Chorus' chief executive Kate McKenzie in the video player above*

Installing ultrafast broadband in most homes in a day is the 18-month goal Chorus has set itself. Currently, many customers are frustrated by technicians’ repeated visits before the service is up and running.

“I’m probably going to get killed by my staff for committing to 18 months,” Kate McKenzie, Chorus’s chief executive, told Newsroom’s Rod Oram. “But honestly, I think we should be able to get there by then.”

In a wide-ranging interview, McKenzie talked about issues such as Chorus’ finances, its relationship with its contractors, the technology challenges of advancing fibre and creating a role for itself with 5G wireless while managing the shrinking copper network, and the three big strategic imperatives that drive the company.

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