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Scorpion fish face-off for food

Two scorpion fish end up looking quite clownish as they scrap over a morsel of food

Our Big Blue Backyard is one of New Zealand's most celebrated and discussed TV series, produced by the world-renowned NHNZ - formerly Natural History New Zealand - based in Dunedin.

Newsroom is featuring some of the top moments from this incredible show, including behind-the-scenes interviews with underwater cinematographer Kina Scollay, and NHNZ executive producer Judith Curran.

“This scorpion fish scene is one of my favourites in the whole series. Scorpion fish have such wonderful grumpy faces and to see these two face-off like a couple of cowboys was just too funny. And then when the winner dominates his rival and takes the prize he can’t even swallow the whole piece of fish – he has to swim quickly to escape the kingfish after him. Hilarious!”
Judith Curran
Executive producer

Our Big Blue Backyard was made for TVNZ 1 with the help of NZ On Air.

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