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Gloriavale allegations: Read the report

A copy of a 33-page report and a letter sent to the Christian Church Community Trust board detailing the investigation’s findings into the community at Gloriavale have been released to Newsroom under the Official Information Act.

The documents supplied by Charities Services - the arm of the Department of Internal Affairs administering the Charities Act 2005 - describe a multitude of serious allegations against senior members of the church.

Some of these allegations have been proven, however the investigation report concluded that the trust should continue to work with Charities Services to bring it up to standard.

Read the full report and letter:

OIA Response Requestor Morgan Tait Newsroom

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OIA Response Requestor Morgan Tait Newsroom
Contributed by: Troy Rawhiti-Forbes, Newsroom
To print the document, click the "Original Document" link to open the original PDF. At this time it is not possible to print the document with annotations.

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