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Drug Foundation report, synthetic drugs

NZ Drug Foundation: Drug law reform stacks up in dollar terms - new report

Shamubeel Eaqub (Spinoff): The economic boon for New Zealand of drug law reform

Jared Nicoll (Stuff): Legalised cannabis market could grow NZ’s coffers by $240m a year in tax

Alex Baird (Newshub): Legalising cannabis could be worth $240m to New Zealand - top economist

Chris Bramwell (RNZ): Regulating cannabis could generate $240m in tax - report

Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom):Strong economic case for drug reform - report

Anna Whyte (1News): Drug Foundation calls for decriminalisation of use and possession of all illicit drugs

Zahra Shahtahmasebi (VIce): In New Zealand It’s Much Easier to Score Meth than Weed

Newshub: Decriminalise synthetics: Health expert’s call as death toll rises

Derek Cheng (Herald): MPs should ‘walk the talk’ and decriminalise drug use, say the Greens

Bryan Cadogan (ODT): Underestimate meth at your peril

Melissa Nightingale (Herald): Synthetics-contaminated cooking utensil poisoned Porirua children

Jami-Lee Ross and NZ First

Richard Harman (Politik): Dirty politics, Russell McVeagh and Winston Peters. The bizarre story of two high priced dinners

Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Winston Peters plays politics like no one else

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Winston Peters’ plan to make National eat humble pie

RNZ: NZ First to hold Jami-Lee Ross’ proxy vote

Laura Walters and Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): NZ First to cast Jami-Lee Ross’ proxy vote

Sophie Bateman (Newshub): New Zealand First accepts Jami-Lee Ross proxy vote for Botany

Anna Whyte (1News): NZ First accept Jami-Lee Ross’ proxy vote

Herald: NZ First has agreed to accept MP Jami-Lee Ross’ proxy vote in Parliament

Tracy Watkins (Stuff):Jami-Lee Ross switches his proxy vote to New Zealand First

Unemployment, employment law, migrant labour

Liam Dann (Herald): Unemployment fall a win for Government

Amy Williams (RNZ): Depth of underemployment problem not reflected in stats - union

Jason Walls (Herald): The Government reaches its unemployment target but the PM warns the number will fluctuate

BusinessDesk: NZ employment rate hits highest ever level

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Unemployment drops sharply, hitting lowest level since 2008

Alice Webb-Lidall (Newshub): Unemployment rate the lowest in 10 years

1News: Unemployment rate down to 3.9 per cent, lowest level since 2008

Herald: Unemployment falls to lowest level since the 2008 global financial crisis, Statistics NZ says

No Rght Turn: 17,000 employed under Labour

Andrew Ashton (Hawkes Bay Today): Hawke’s Bay’s job boom: Number of unemployed drops by half in a year

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): National claims Government has agreed to water down employment law

RNZ: New Zealand to review impact of RSE on Pacific

Kiri Gillespie (Bay of Plenty Times): More migrant workers to ease ‘acute’ kiwifruit labour shortage

Anuja Nadkarni (Stuff): Waikato cleaning company and owner to pay $37,500 for staff exploitation

RNZ: Cleaning company fined $37k for exploiting staff


Jane Clifton (Listener): How KiwiBuild turned into a PR disaster

ODT Editorial: Cracks appear in KiwiBuild

Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Exclusive: Housing Minister’s backdown on penalties for KiwiBuild property flippers

Chris Harrowell (Stuff): KiwiBuild rebuffs offer to get involved in Buddhists’ Auckland housing development

Ben Leahy (Herald): Housing Minister says all major indicators show homelessness was up over the winter

Banking sector

Shamubeel Eaqub (Stuff): It’s time to address New Zealand banks’ big four problems

John Anthony (Stuff): Kiwibank’s ‘readiness’ to become Government’s bank investigated

Gareth Vaughan (Interest): Govt mulling ‘fundamental change’ to the bank-customer relationship

Rob Stock (Stuff): Bank staff exposed for privacy breaches and repeated accessing of customer files

Moana Makapelu Lee (Māori TV): Consumer NZ pushes for bank regulations to protect consumers

Point of Order: Wake-up call in banking should be heeded by the regulatory agencies, too

Chris Hutching (Stuff): Main Kiwi banks refuse to support bitcoin trading businesses

Duncan Bridgeman (Herald): Who wants to be a banker now?

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): It’s cool to hate banks and oil companies but they’re not crooked


Cate Broughton (Stuff): Group to ‘un-mesmerise’ communities on harmful foods

Nicholas Jones (Herald): Can’t walk or talk - but dementia sufferer faces eviction from rest home

Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Canterbury DHB and Health Ministry dispute admissions to secure unit

Jason Walls (Herald): The Government will spend close to $46 million on a new children’s hospital in Wellington

Felix Desmarais (Stuff): Wellington children’s hospital gets $45 million funding boost from Government

1News: Wellington children’s hospital closer to reality with $45.6m Govt funding boost

Emma Hatton (RNZ): Govt to contribute $45.6m to children’s hospital

Scott Palmer (Newshub): Hone Harawira says tobacco companies should be shot

Scott Palmer (Newshub): Smoking main cause of preventable child death - Plunket

Danielle Clent (Stuff):30 surgeries affected in 48-hour strike by Northland anaesthetic technicians

Annna Whyte (1News): Students urge Government for abortion no-protest buffer zone around hospital

Mandy Te and Hannah Martin (Stuff): ’Not appropriate to alarm’ public about W meningococcal strain in May, Northland DHB says

Herald: Northland District Health Board defends timing of alert on new meningococcal strain

Tom Hunt (Stuff): Infants to finally be offered meningicoccal B vaccine

Herald: New vaccine launched to combat killer meningococcal B disease

Lucy Warhurst (Newshub): ’Scariest time of my life’: Mum urges Kiwis to get meningococcal B vaccination

RNZ: Midwives say rejected offer doesn’t acknowledge big responsibility

Michael Hall (RNZ): Call for probe into pesticide banned by France after illnesses

Catherine Harris (Stuff): Plumbers call on Govt to stop tapware with unsafe levels of lead

Mental health

Phil Pennington (RNZ): Porirua, Ōtaki sudden deaths: Authorities slammed for lack of response

Simon Shepherd (Newshub): John Kirwan promotes digital humans to fight mental health ‘pandemic’

Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Film labelling body pushes for law change after Hollywood film sparks distress

RNZ: A Star Is Born: Hollywood blockbuster with suicide sparks NZ censorship concerns

Cecile Meier (Stuff): A Star Is Born: Chief censor adds warning after young people ‘severely triggered’ by movie

Catherine Shoard (Guardian): A Star Is Born classification changed after New Zealand teens ‘severely triggered’

1918 influenza pandemic

RNZ:NZ announces support for Samoan nursing centre

1News: Winston Peters throws support behind memorial marking 100 years since Samoa influenza outbreak

Martin Johnston (Herald): The false Armistice and the Kiwi flu epidemic that killed a quarter of Samoans

Jamie Tahana (RNZ): How NZ took influenza to Samoa, killing a fifth of its population

Karel Sroubek residency decision

Jason Walls (Herald): Deputy Prime Minister suggests immigration officials are at fault over the Sroubek saga

Stuff: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern found out about Karel Sroubek decision through the media

Derek Cheng (Herald): House burgled days after Karel Sroubek lodged a claim on it, the National Party says

Matthew Rosenberg and Anna Loren (Stuff): House tied to drug smuggler Karel Sroubek withdrawn from sale after alleged burglary

Edward Gay (Stuff): Drug smuggler Karel Sroubek deportation order is still ‘pending’

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Catastrophic error - Why Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway must lose his job


Zaryd Wilson and Lucy Bennett (Herald): PM makes $1.9m housing announcement at Rātana centenary celebrations

Collette Devlin (Stuff): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces $3m investment at Rātana centenary

RNZ: Govt gives $3m funding for Rātana community land development

Leah Te Whata (Māori TV): $3.6mil announced for housing in Ratana

Collette Devlin (Stuff): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern brings gifts from baby Neve to Rātana

Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Rātana Church issues stern warning to Jacinda Ardern’s Government

Leigh-Marama McLachlan and Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): Rātana centenary: Thousands arriving for celebrations

Leah Te Whata (Māori): Jacinda Ardern to return to Ratana


Claire Trevett (Herald): Hope, change and the Speakers’ Peace Mission with Gerry Brownlee

Newshub: Tova O’Brien tackles 1080 and taxpayer travel rorts (video)

Megan Sutherland (Newshub): Footage emerges of Gerry Brownlee and Trevor Mallard’s Japanese trade mission

RNZ: David Seymour on Japan junket: Trevor Mallard ‘a well-known sports fanatic’

1News: Cheeky Labour MP says Mallard and Browlee wouldn’t have gone on $24k Japan ‘junket’ if they had a choice – ‘they’re both old men’

Michael Reddell: The PRC and New Zealand: bits and pieces

RNZ: Parliament seeks protection for MPs against cyber attacks


Laura Walters (Newsroom): Our racist education system

ODT Editorial: Kiwi kids worth investment

CPAG: Government on the right track to making education more inclusive

Simon Collins (Herald): Secondary teachers reject ‘half-hearted’ pay offer, discuss potential strike

Justine Munro (Herald): Our kids need more skills than school prize-givings recognise

Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Statutory manager appointed to Ōtorohanga College

Eva Corlett (RNZ): Hundreds of teachers turn out for pay discussions

Alwyn Poole (Herald): Crushing of the charter school model hurts the poorest

Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): Act of Parliament needed to change Vic’s name ‘a game changer’

Isaac Davison (Herald): ’Gaia-inspired’ childcare centre proposed in South Auckland

Justice, corrections

Victoria University of Wellington (Newsroom): Justice system grim despite reputation

Anneke Smith (RNZ): Court staff strike after Ministry’s failed injunction bid

Sam Hurley (Herald): More court strikes after Ministry of Justice’s injunction bid dismissed

David Farrar: The 13th Chief Justice of NZ

Julie Iles (Stuff): The theft of an Auckland legal aid lawyer’s laptop compromises 80 cases


Thomas Manch (Stuff): High stakes for Haumaha has supporters nervous, days from release of report

Mere McLean (Māori TV): Rotorua NCEA Police Studies programme a success

RNZ: Police officer charged with illegally tasering woman


Mitchell Alexander (Newshub): Fact check: Who taxed your petrol the most - Labour or National?

Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Car importer should be prosecuted — Faafoi

Laura Dooney and Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): Wellington regional council spending thousands a month to help bus network

RNZ: E-scooters not as dangerous as reported, council told

1News: E-scooters a hit in Christchurch, clocking up 107,000 kilometres within first two weeks


Rhonwyn Newson (Newshub): Why we should all be worried by Stuff’s proposal to slash community news

Bill Ralston (Stuff): Hosking on Newstalk ZB ‘forever’ because he’s good, and because lots of people dislike him

Environment and conservation

RNZ: Councillor concerned about new water bottling application

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received death threats as 1080 debate takes a violent turn

Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): Jacinda Ardern receives death threat as poison 1080 row grows

RNZ: Man charged over threatening anti-1080 letters

Newshub: Man arrested after 1080 threats to Department of Conservation staff

Dan Dalgety (RNZ): New supercomputers to research effects of climate change

Primary industries

Heather Chalmers (Stuff): Farmers question carbon sink tree planting plans

Bala Tikkisetty (Newshub): Finding balance critical for farmers

Barrie Smith (Taranaki Daily News): Regional council and farmers are doing good work

Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Man in kiwifruit smuggling case named

Andrea Fox (Herald): Fonterra shareholders prepared to back new leadership to get change: Chairman

Local government

Stuff: Mayor says family will join him, accuses predecessor of ‘dirty politics’

Katie Fitzgerald (Stuff): Porirua Mayor upset by criticism over family’s living situation

Katee Shanks (Rotorua Daily Post): Porirua mayor questioned over living arrangements

Andre Chumko (Stuff): Napier’s council spends $61k defending Easter trade policy that was thrown out

RNZ: Council’s second-generation plan shapes Dunedin’s future

Emma Dangerfield (Stuff): ’Perverted’ council camera in public toilet removed after Privacy Commission complaint


Steve Kilgallon and Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff):Auckland speedway stadium to be funded by millions from city’s parks

Tim Murphy (Newsroom): No such thing as a free stadium

Isaac Davison (Herald): Auckland’s medical officer recommends more pedestrian areas to combat rising pollution

1News: Hazardous black carbon plagues one of NZ’s busiest streets, report finds

RNZ: Queen St contains highest levels of black carbon in NZ

Oil and gas

Mike Watson (Stuff): Mixed reaction to new law banning oil and gas exploration

Derek Cheng (Herald): Bill to ban offshore oil and gas exploration passes final reading

RNZ: Parliament passes Bill banning new offshore oil and gas exploration

RNZ: Energy company sells its NZ oil fields

Pattrick Smellie and Gavin Evans (BusinessDesk): Taranaki oil and gas producer TAG Oil quits NZ operations

No Right Turn: Climate Change: The next step

Kain Parsons has died

Herald: Kain Parsons dies after charity boxing match

Megan Sutherland (Newshub): Charity boxer Kain Parsons dies

RNZ: Boxer injured in Christchurch charity match dies

Gender and identity

Ravinder Hunia (RNZ): Men’s netball rejected by governing body

1News: ’It’s absolutely huge’ – as Tasmania considers dropping gender from birth certificates, should NZ follow?

Lynn Williams: Identity Theft

Business and economy

Liam Dann (Herald): Economy Hub: At the crossroads - why the outlook is still so uncertain

Rebecca Howard (Newsroom): NZ businesses expect faster - but still muted - inflation ahead


Wayne Mapp (Spinoff): Labour had a bold vision for rail revival. But does it have a plan?

Bayley Moor (Stuff): Water supply in Kaeo faces closure

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): How can you know your KiwiSaver money is safe?

Rino Tirikatene (Stuff): The rockstar prime minister

RNZ: NZ parliament passes super portability law

Muriel Newman: Return the Coast to Public Ownership

Raniera Harrison (Māori TV): Ngāpuhi motion to remove Te Kotahitanga leadership

Jason Walls (Herald): Parliament passes legislation aiding the rollout of fast-fibre across New Zealand

1News: Auckland Head Hunters deny slick viral video being used as a recruitment drive

Scott Palmer (Newshub): Children pull gang signs in new Head Hunters recruitment video

Emma Jolliff (Newshub): Dunedin power company closes citing ‘volatile market’, high power prices

Seven Sharp: Does new technology mean solar power is now the answer to rising power prices?

Māori TV: Family Violence Bills pass third reading

Kate Nicol-Williams (1News): Tolaga Bay mural that divided Māoridom officially launched 38 years later

RNZ: Māori activists congratulate Kanaks on referendum result

1News: Kaikōura’s earthquake recovery wins prestigious engineering award

RNZ: Quake recovery effort takes UK engineering award

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