Bernard’s pick of the news mix on Wednesday

Here's my selection of the eight best morning news and links, along with my comments in brackets, including a Crown Monitor for Westland, another very unhappy ANZ customer, Vodafone's possible 5G move and the economics of Korea's #nomarriage movement. 

My eight picks of the day's news and analysis links (comments in brackets are mine)

Blair Ensor (Stuff) Crown observer set to monitor Westland District Council (Here's a reason why local government struggles to win the respect from Wellington it needs to successfully ask for more funds. Mayor Bastion refused to comment about the (Mahuta) letter's contents or why the public would be excluded from the meeting, saying Stuff was "harassing and fishing".

Susan Edmunds (Stuff) Customer rejects $2000 compensation from ANZ over hardship application (There will be many more articles like this. There is the smell of blood in the water on this.)

Lincoln Tan (NZ Herald) Hong Kong dispute over China's extradition bill gets physical on University of Auckland campus (Key quote: In a video, one Chinese man was heard saying in Mandarin: "If you don't like China, get out of China!" To which a Hong Kong student responded: "That's why we're in New Zealand.")

Grant Bradley (NZ Herald Paywalled) Air New Zealand jobs go as Oliver Wyman consultants look to cut overheads by 5% (An uncertain time, given the CEO is leaving soon too and no replacement has bee named)

Tom Pullar Streckar (Stuff) Vodafone NZ may announce first 5G mobile network on Thursday, to coincide with Infratil and Brookfield taking ownership of the company, sources say (An announcement due tomorrow apparently)

Lunchtime lean-backs (comments in brackets are mine)

(AFP) China's police state goes global, leaving refugees in fear

(There's a big kiwi angle. 'Shawudun Abdughupur fled to Auckland after witnessing inter-ethnic riots in July 2009 that left hundreds dead. Despite now being a New Zealand citizen, he remains reluctant to speak publicly, fearing for himself and for his 78-year-old mother, who he believes is in a camp. "I can't say too much," he told AFP, fighting back the tears in his first on-camera interview. The 43-year-old added: "I don't know if the New Zealand government can protect me. How can they protect me?" After he refused to give details of his meetings with other Uighurs, he received this chilling message: "We can find you. We are in New Zealand." When Abdughupur reported the incident to the New Zealand police they treated it like any other nuisance call, referring him to the non-profit online safety organisation Netsafe, who then referred him back to law enforcement.) Today's Must Read.

Jihye Lee (Bloomberg) The #NoMarriage Movement Is Adding to Korea’s Economic Woes (Demographics is economic destiny writ large)

Mike Forsythe (Threader) Some facts about the family of Li Peng, the longtime premier of China who just died. Rumors about his family's vast wealth have circulated for years. I have looked for that fortune for years and years. Here is what I know. (This New York Times reporter has some useful information on how power in China works and has been collecting it for four years)

The full list of news links

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State care of children, Oranga Tamariki

Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Not ‘all the white man’s fault’: Winston Peters on Māori grievances over tamariki care

Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): Dr Lance O’Sullivan ‘traumatised’ by death of abused baby under his care

Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): A ‘vacuum’ for a Māori voice in Parliament?

1News: Former minister defends Oranga Tamariki as protest organisers explain push behind today’s hikoi

Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): Community lays down wero - “There is a better life than drugs and alcohol, whānau”

Tema Hemi (Māori TV): Marchers call for uplift halt - effective immediately

RNZ: Hundreds rally to call for change at Oranga Tamariki

Vita Molyneux and Cleo Fraser (Newshub): Marama Davidson condemns Oranga Tamariki uplifts as ‘trauma and abuse’

Newshub: Dame Tariana Turia opens up about her experience as a child taken by Oranga Tamariki, says restructure is vital

Thomas Coughlan and Damian George (Stuff): Oranga Tamariki- Ministry for Childen needs to stop child ‘uplifts’ right now, says Dame Tariana Turia

1News: ’Our babies are taken’ - hundreds protest outside Parliament calling for end to Oranga Tamariki uplifts of Māori children

Cleo Fraser and Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Crowds converge on Parliament calling for change at Oranga Tamariki

Herald: Not one baby more: Protesters at Parliament demand end to uplifts

Bonnie Sumner (Newsroom): ’Tears of our tupuna’ as Māori meet for change

John Gibb (ODT): Marchers call for family support first

Indira Stewart (RNZ): First up: ’Bullying, harassment and illegal practices’ used to describe Oranga Tamariki


Anna Leask (Herald): The death of Malcolm Bell: concerns raised, and a triple killer in the family (paywalled)

Anna Leask (Herald): Toddler murder: Oranga Tamariki contacted about Malcolm Bell’s welfare shortly before death (paywalled)


Brian Rudman (Herald): Ihumātao solution staring us in the face (paywalled)

Tim Watkin (Pundit): Dear Ministers, Here’s A Solution For Ihumatao

Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Ihumātao protest: Winston Peters critical of ‘imposters’ protesting

1News: Winston Peters hits back at ‘balderdash’ idea of strained relationship between Govt, Māori

Māori TV: Te Ao with Moana: Ihumātao - ‘The system favours Pākehā outcomes’, Kingi Snelgar

Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Ihumātao reflects the zeitgeist of 2019 (paywalled)

Rob Stock (Stuff): The real reason Fletchers is building at Ihumātao

Kendall Hutt and Ryan Anderson (Stuff): Ihumātao: Cook Islands royalty visits disputed site

Herald: Battle for Ihumātao: The key players involved as struggle enters second week

Matthew Rosenberg (Stuff): Ihumātao eviction protest: An occupation 150 years in the making

Tapu Misa (Herald): Who is Pania Newton? SOUL protest leader explains why she opposes Fletcher Building housing project at Ihumātao in Māngere

John Moore: Ihumātao – a rallying cry for disaffected Māori

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Ihumātao fiasco proves there’s no point in a Māori Party return

David Farrar: Ben Thomas on Ihumātao

National Party

Audrey Young (Herald): Bridges snubbed Todd Muller last time but could not ignore him in latest reshuffle (paywalled)

Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Todd Muller promoted in National Party reshuffle, but climate change demoted

Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Is Todd Muller's job promotion a climate demotion?

Richard Harman (Politik): Bridges promotes rival

Jason Walls (Herald): National’s Todd Muller given Nathan Guy’s primary sector portfolios, loses climate change

1News: Nathan Guy announces retirement from politics; fourth National MP this year

Jason Walls (Herald): Former Minister of Primary Industries and senior National MP Nathan Guy to step down

Henry Cooke (Stuff): National MP Nathan Guy retiring at next election

RNZ: National’s Ōtaki MP Nathan Guy to retire at next election

Jamie Ensor (Newshub): National’s Nathan Guy announces retirement from politics at 2020 election

David Farrar: Guy retires

No Right Turn: Good riddance


Laura Walters (Newsroom): Universities get a lesson in democratic freedom

Jason Walls (Herald): Universities have a ‘responsibility’ to encourage free speech: Education Minister Chris Hipkins

RNZ: AUT denies cancelling Tiananmen event over China govt pressure

Lincoln Tan (Herald): Hong Kong dispute over China’s extradition bill gets physical on University of Auckland campus

Lana Andelane (Newshub):Student scuffle breaks out at University of Auckland over controversial Hong Kong extradition bill

1News: Female activist knocked to the ground as Hong Kong, China tensions spill over at University of Auckland

Harrison Christian (Stuff): Scuffle at Auckland University over Hong Kong extradition bill

Samuel Mann (ODT): Disruptive innovation the name of the game

Josephine Franks (Stuff): Teachers aren’t getting $1500 lump sum they expected

Stuart Smith and Priyanca Radhakrishnan (Stuff): Teacher training still lacking silver bullet

John Weekes (Stuff): Mum of child abuse victim backs bill to alert schools when sex offenders released

Foreign affairs and trade

Jo Moir (RNZ): Labour hits back at Bridges over Tokelau criticism

Henry Cooke (Stuff): ’Part-time PM’ attack from Simon Bridges ‘desperate Australian dirty politics’, says Grant Robertson

1News: Bridges ‘desperate and disrespectful’ after labelling Ardern 'part-time PM' - Robertson

Derek Cheng (Herald): Grant Robertson suggests Bridges’ PM criticism has ‘sexist overtone’

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Simon Bridges accused of ‘disrespectful’, ‘sexist’ remarks over Jacinda Ardern’s Tokelau visit

Newstalk ZB: Bridges accused of ‘sexist undertone’ after ‘part time PM' jab

Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Simon Bridges weird attack on Jacinda suggests the Right wing of NZ has no comprehension of the Realm of NZ

1News: Simon Bridges unloads on Jacinda Ardern, calls her a ‘part-time PM’ for visiting Tokelau during Ihumātao protests

Derek Cheng (Herald): ’Part-time PM’: Simon Bridges attacks Jacinda Ardern over Tokelau trip

RNZ: Ihumātao: Simon Bridges slams PM for timing of Tokelau trip

Mike Hosking (Herald): Why has Jacinda Ardern gone overseas yet again?

1News: Jacinda Ardern joins in traditional dance as she is farewelled from Tokelau

Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Winston Peters says a NZ-US free trade agreement is step closer to becoming a reality as US understands the ‘theatre’ playing out in the Pacific

Point of Order: The omens are promising for a US-NZ free trade agreement – but our PM must meet with Trump

1News Colmar Brunton Poll

1News: Winston Peters lashes out at ‘biased’ 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll after NZ First drops nearly two per cent

Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Winston Peters fires scalding criticism at poll after disastrous New Zealand First result


Graeme Edgeler: An unserious approach to law-making

Boris Jancic (Herald): Assisted dying bill returns to Parliament with uncertain future

Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): David Seymour’s euthanasia bill back before Parliament today

1News: Strong support for legalising euthanasia in 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll, as MPs set to thrash out details

Alex Braae (Spinoff): Cheat Sheet: David Seymour’s big push to get the numbers for euthanasia

Referendums Framework Bill

Derek Cheng (Herald): National says transfer of power from Parliament to Ministers ‘outrageous’

No Right Turn: The referendum bill

Environment and conservation

Boris Jancic (Herald): Conversation needed about genetic engineering: Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor

Evan Harding (Southland Times): Environment Southland ‘neglected’ Waituna Lagoon, says Forest & Bird

Lois Williams (RNZ): Sculptor says ‘art work’ exported to China looks like giant log

1News: More than three-quarters of Kiwis now considering electric cars, a big jump from last year, survey shows

John Anthony (Stuff): Number of Kiwis considering buying EVs spikes, Trade Me figures show

Danielle Clent (Suff): Auckland Council won’t prosecute after waste dumped down drain at Sephora opening

Jennifer Eder (Stuff): Long marine farm consent terms queried in Marlborough Sounds

Mike Watson (Stuff): A passion for tourism and nature: why there’s no such thing as a lone ranger at the Department of Conservation

Primary and extractive industries

Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): Oil giant OMV urged to consider ‘obligations to humanity’ before drilling off NZ coast

Jono Edwards (ODT): Hearings a farce, environmentalists say

RNZ: Protesters want climate change raised at OMV resource consent hearing

Bill Bennett (Herald): Target: One Billion Trees

Brent Melville (ODT): Warning sounded over Nait data

Geoff Gwyn (Herald): Eradicate: A tough call on M.bovis

Brent Melville (ODT): Removing pesticide products would cost billions: report

Brent Melville (ODT): Horticulture NZ wants EPA to streamline the pesticide approval process

Laura Mills (Greymouth Star):Injunction bid against Westland Milk Chinese buyout

Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Danone to cut carbon emissions at Balclutha plant to zero

Operation Burnham inquiry

Thomas Manch (Stuff): Operation Burnham inquiry: How the SAS determined Afghan targets to be killed

RNZ: Operation Burnham: List of insurgents not a kill list - NZDF


Katarina Williams (Stuff):First Wellington KiwiBuild apartments up for sale, with future developments likely

Isaac Davison (Herald): Shanty town outside Central City Library removed by council and police

1News: Wellington council’s rental property warrant of fitness a well-intentioned flop say landlords

Duncan Garner (Newshub): The Government needs a landlord strategy

RNZ: Building consents hit record high in Auckland

1News: Home consents in Auckland grow to record high level

Deena Coster (Taranaki Daily News): Influx of interest in Waitara leasehold sections - but fears some residents are being priced out

RNZ: Chop Wellington golf course for houses - mayoral candidate

1News: Canterbury man taking on the Government over tiny home classification that could see him lose property


Nicholas Jones (Herald): ’The middle of the epidemic’: how New Zealand’s diabetes response failed (paywalled)

Tema Hemi (Māori TV): Deputy PM calls out National’s cancer agency proposal

1News: Simon Bridges defends National’s new cancer policy after Cancer Society criticism

Russell Willis (Stuff): Please have your say on the medicinal cannabis scheme

Oliver Lewis (Stuff): High-emitting NZ health sector urged to cut back on carbon

Michelle Glass and John Ashton (The Conversation): Potential cost to patient safety as NZ debates access to medicinal cannabis

Denise Piper (Stuff): Meningococcal disease: mother wants vaccine to be free for all

Jono Edwards (ODT): Many failings in water supply standards are technicalities: ORC

Janine Rankin (Manawatū Standard):Hospital investment continues despite deficit\

Georgia Forrester (Stuff): Dr Lance O’Sullivan trying to make healthcare as easy as ordering Maccas

Emma Cropper (Newshub): Drive-thru doctors to modernise ‘out of date’ NZ practices


David Hill (ODT): Cross-party mental health group to be launched

Ellen O’Dwyer (Stuff): Mental health and addiction sector hopeful funding will provide change

Hannah Martin (Stuff): NZ mental health workers prepare to strike over ‘unsafe’ conditions

Emily O’Connell and Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): District Health Board psychologists begin five-week strike

Local government

Blair Ensor (Stuff): Government watchdog set to monitor troubled Westland District Council

Anusha Bradley (RNZ): High Court orders Napier City Council to stop work on $41 million pool complex

Tom Dillane (Herald): Auckland Council sends ‘concept’ proposal to Government to aid businesses facing ruin from City Rail Link construction

RNZ: City Rail Link hardship fund for businesses considered by Government

Bernard Orsman (Herald): Auckland Mayor Phil Goff flags financial help for businesses affected by Auckland’s $4.4 billion City Rail Link

Nick Truebridge (Stuff): Auckland City Rail Link: Albert St shop owners get back-up in fight for payouts

Mitch McCann (Newshub): Phil Twyford to decide whether Auckland businesses impacted by City Rail Link will receive compensation

1News: Nikki Kaye vows to keep fighting for Auckland business owners hit by City Rail Link work

Kurt Bayer (Herald): Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel seeks third term: ‘There is much we need to do’

Virginia Fallon (Stuff): Porirua City’s bilingual signage costs nearly $30k in consultant’s and designer’s fees

Rikihana Smallman (Waikato Times): Elected member butts heads with council staff


Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Trump threat shows proposed extra tax on internet giants ‘just not worth it’

David Hargreaves (Interest): BNZ chief economist: Govt decision to can any Capital Gains Tax has not reignited investor interest in house buying

Andrea Black: Source country taxation, the environment and oil rigs


1News: National wanting to stop gang members from holding firearms licences

James Fyfe (Newshub): ’Incredibly concerning’: Shocking number of guns stolen from unattended vehicles

Ben Strang (RNZ): Poor gun storage ‘incredibly concerning’ - police

Christchurch mosque shootings

Cate Broughton (Press): Certainty for some Christchurch terror attack victims wanting to make NZ home

Kurt Bayer (Herald): Christchurch mosque shooting: Immigration NZ issues 200 emergency visitor visas to family members

Katie Fitzgerald and Ella Prendergast (Newshub): Councillor says Government’s help for Linwood businesses not enough

Annabelle Tukia (Newshub): New support offer to Christchurch businesses affected by attacks comes too late as owners shut their doors


1News: Q+A: National ‘pretty desperate’ for coalition partners, Greens co-leader James Shaw says

Maria Slade (Spinoff): Revealed: the regulatory hole that sees fatal truck crashes escape investigation

Collette Devlin (Stuff): More spies sees Customs seize more than $1 billion worth of drugs in six months

Andrea Fox (Herald): KiwiRail appoints new board members but doesn’t tell public (paywalled)

Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Inland Revenue hits ‘significant milestone’ as refunds paid to 1.3 million people

Sam Hurley (Herald): Three big telcos admit billing customers after contracts end (paywalled)

Emily Brooke (Stuff): Jehan Casinader is taking his turn as Breakfast host very seriously

Susan Edmunds and Debrin Foxcroft (Stuff): Insurance: What do you really need?

ODT Editorial: Breaking up is hard to do

Dominion Post Editorial: Joyce not alone in struggling to make ends meet on plenty of money

MIchael Reddell: Overselling past reforms

John Lewis (ODT): Woman has to leave NZ

Debbie Jamieson (Stuff): Family of killed sky diver Tyler Nii fear no one will be held accountable

1News: Pike River Recovery Agency starts four-week process to remove barrier 

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