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Bernard’s pick of the news links

NIMBYs blocking Dominion Rd flats; Why won't Bridges and Robertson talk about productivity?; Westland Council's secret crisis meeting; DHBs $264m in deficit; John Lanchester on the history of fractional reserve banking and fiat currencies 

My eight picks of the day's news and analysis links (comments in brackets are mine)

Rowan Quinn (RNZ) Fight goes on over Dominion Rd development (Wondering why NZ just can't seem to solve its massive housing shortage? Key quote: 'Some pensioners who live in modest flats next to the development were worried the intense drilling would disrupt their homes and they would be hugely overshadowed by the fifth story.')

Michael Reddell (Croaking Cassandra) Where there is no vision (An excellent challenge to both the Government and Opposition on New Zealand's awful productivity numbers, including this chart from Reddell, which should be required reading at the beginning of each Cabinet meeting and Question Time)

Joanne Carroll (Stuff) Decision on West Coast council's response to Crown observer plan kept secret (And some councils wonder why they cannot win the trust of either Wellington or their own local voters)

Thomas Coughlan (Stuff) Health Minister David Clark accused of hiding DHBs' $264m deficits (Key quote: Clark only "signed out" the latest figures after questions from journalists on Thursday afternoon.)

Claire Trevett (NZH Paywalled) Simon Bridges' 'part-time PM' jibe about Jacinda Ardern a lesson all round (Ends with a great quote from the Australian Parliament's speaker Tony Smith (who I remember from my time in the Canberra Press Gallery in the early 1990s as a less than friendly PR guy for Peter Costello): "Out there in Voterland they are just watching a couple of mouths move. You're on mute.")

Lunchtime lean-backs (comments in brackets are mine)

John Lanchester (The New Yorker) The Invention of Money. In three centuries, the heresies of two bankers became the basis of our modern economy. (This is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the nature of money, banking and the modern economy. Especially relevant with the current debate about bank capital. Today's must read)

Cade Metz (New York Times) And Now, a Bicycle Built for None. It’s not the first self-driving bike. But equipped with an A.I. chip, it may be the nearest to thinking for itself. (Can't quite see the point, especially if people are expected to sit on it while it rides itself. Sounds like unbalancing accident waiting to happen.)

Matt McGrath (BBC) Climate change: Current warming 'unparalleled' in 2,000 years (Just in case you had any doubts. The Bern University chart on the research referred to in the article tells the story.)

The full list of news links

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Polytechs and vocational training

Rob Mitchell (Stuff): Two out of three, and that’s bad, for Hipkins’ reform of tertiary sector

Simon Collins (Herald): Mega polytechnic and apprenticeship upheaval draws surprising welcome

John Gerritsen (RNZ): Government polytech overhaul: ‘In the end industry are the key’ - Training Federation

Katarina Williams (Stuff): Reforms of vocational education need to be carefully managed, say industry leaders

Logan Savory and Evan Harding (Southland Times): Invercargill leaders vow to fight against SIT being part of merger

Astrid Austin (Hawkes Bay Today): ’Large scale change’ coming for EIT, after Govt announces mega polytechnic plan


Collette Devlin (Stuff): 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics being replaced by one mega polytech

Simon Collins (Herald): Polytech shake-up cost may double to $400m

John Gerritsen (RNZ): Government confirms major overhaul of polytechnics, apprenticeships

Derek Cheng (Herald): Govt reveals shake up of vocational education sector

Zane Small (Newshub): Education Minister Chris Hipkins denies saying polytechnic shakeup could cause ‘significant’ job losses

Zane Small (Newshub): Government confirms polytechnics will merge as single entity in 2020

1News: Government reveals final plan for dramatic revamp of vocational training sector

Mike Houlahan (ODT): Govt going ahead with polytech merger plan


Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Kelvin Davis rejects calls for PM to visit Ihumātao ater return

Leigh-Marama McLachlan (RNZ): Ihumātao: Māori health experts urge Ardern to withdraw police

Tina Ngata (Overland): Taking a stand on stolen land: the past and future of the Ihumātao occupation

Foreign affairs

Bruce Munro (ODT): Global Insight: China’s presence in Pacific growing

Peter Dunne (Interest): Australia has now roughly and cleverly boxed the Prime Minister into a corner on the deportation issue

1News: PM’s upset over Australia’s deportation of Kiwis is 'hypocrisy', ex-immigration minister says

Mackenzie Smith (RNZ): Report finds ‘shocking’ levels of child violence in Pacific


RNZ: Nitrates in water concern as new regulator promises change

Boris Jancic (Herald): Councils brace for costs of $5 billion water clean-up plan

1News: Towns with chlorine-free water want exemptions from new drinking water standards


Derek Cheng (Herald): Speaker shoots down Phil Twyford’s reason for keeping information secret

Damian George (Stuff): Julie Anne Genter stands by decision not to release letter about Wellington transport proposals


Michael Reddell: Why does good government matter?

David Farrar: How the female Green MPs are going to get screwed over by their gender quota rules

Week in politics

1News: Inside Parliament: Polls, mud thrown over Jacinda Ardern’s Tokelau trip, and National’s conference (video)

Jason Walls (Herald): Shane Jones will meet with ANZ’s chief executive Shayne Elliott in Melbourne tomorrow (paywalled)

National Party

Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: What are the chances of ‘Prime Minister Simon Bridges’ in 2020? (paywalled)

Collette Devlin (Stuff): National MP Maggie Barry did not force parliamentary staff to carry out party political work

Herald: Maggie Barry cleared of accusations she made support staff do National Party work

Zane Small (Newshub): Parliamentary Service releases findings of investigation into Maggie Barry

RNZ: Parliamentary Service probe finds no proof of abuse claims against Maggie Barry

No Right Turn: The law means nothing, as usual

National party leadership ad

1News: Electoral Commission confirms that Luxon National Party leadership ad broke the rules

Herald: Electoral Commission: Ad endorsing Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon as National leader should have had party’s consent


Boris Jancic (Herald): National Party accuses Minister of Health of holding back DHB debt figures

1News: Ministry of Health promotes plant-based diet in new sustainability report

Andrew Macfarlane (1News): Government moving to close legal loophole allowing sale of vaping products to under 18s

Jamie Morton (Herald): ’Virtual supermarket’ shows junk food taxes spur healthier shopping

Laura Tupou (Newshub): Making junk food more expensive could improve the health of Kiwis - study

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Labour outgunned on cancer crisis (paywalled)

Astrid Austin (Hawkes Bay Today): Hawke's Bay DHB member Jacoby Poulain resigns via text message

Kim Baker Wilson (1News): Number of Auckland measles cases reaches new milestone

Herald: Measles outbreak: Auckland has 302 confirmed cases, with an average of eight a day

RNZ: Recommendation for Ashburton’s smokefree policy to include vaping


Josephine Franks (Stuff): Almost 1800 teachers throughout NZ paid less than minimum wage

Meghan Lawrence (Herald): ’A classic mistake’: Coroner’s findings on child’s death labelled as victim blaming

Emily Brooks (Stuff): Expert backs coroner’s call in Carla Neems case

Cushla Norman (1News): High hopes to get more Māori completing university, with the help of US programme

RNZ: Police probe incident during Hong Kong demonstration at Auckland Uni

Amber-Leigh Woolf (Dominion Post): Wellington’s Victoria University confirms new names, logo

Georgina Cambell (Herald): Victoria University announces new names in brand refresh

Immigration and refugees

Robin Martin (RNZ): Focus on housing squeeze, not refugees - Whanganui mayor

Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Whanganui iwi leader Ken Mair calls for Māori to have say in immigration policy decision-making


Alan Kenyon (1News): Paula Bennett asks Kelvin Davis ‘how many neffs has he got off the couch?’ in unemployment debate

Stuff: The New Zealand welfare system reinforces a cycle of poverty


Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): The Whaleoil blog is finally dead – reflecting on its impact over NZ politics

David Fisher (Herald): The end of the Whaleoil blog - from an outlet for depression to financial pressure and court battles

Alex Braae (Spinoff): RIP (2005-2019): the blog that turned NZ politics feral

State care of children

Deena Coster (Stuff): Oranga Tamariki staff in Taranaki were threatened after baby uplift doco aired

Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): New Zealand First criticised over vote against Bill to give foster kids KiwiSaver accounts

Christchurch mosque attacks

Paul Buchanan: A question of focus

Thomas Mead (1News): Group of families affected by Christchurch terrorist attack begin pilgrimage to Mecca

AP: Christchurch terrorist attack inspired fatal California synagogue shooting days later, authorities allege


Isaac Davison (Herald): Tenants take advantage of new insulation standards, filing 100 complaints against landlords in first month

Phil Pennington (RNZ): ’Bureaucratic shambles’: Earth home advocates attack standards funding cut


John Anthony (Stuff): Police Association attacked over gun lobby ‘trolls’ accusations

Bridget Grace (Newshub): Police Association under fire over its latest magazine cover comparing gun lobby to trolls

Environment and conservation

No Right Turn: Climate Change: NZ’s subsidised polluters

RNZ: Zero Carbon Bill: Select Committee submitters call for more action

Jamie Mackay (Herald): Dr Jacqueline Rowarth says being vegan won’t save the planet (paywalled)

RNZ: Hauraki council rules out climate emergency edict - for now

Laura James (1News): Auckland Council looks at options for disposing of paper as nation ‘drowning in’ the waste

Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Call to allow BYO containers at all NZ food stores

Mitch McCann (Newshub): Conservationists want the sale of moa bones banned

Primary industries

Allan Barber (Interest): Forestry not all Shane Jones has cracked it up to be

RNZ: Homogenised: Westland Dairy to join global network

Brendon McMahon (Greymouth Star): Sale opponent adopts different tactic

Keith Woodford (Herald): Dilemma for Fonterra (paywalled)

Air NZ

Grant Bradley (Herald): Air New Zealand jobs go as Oliver Wyman consultants look to carve costs (paywalled)

Tracy Neal (RNZ): Air NZ boss flags ‘flying guilt’ as challenge to be more carbon neutral


Anna White (1News): Kiwis against raising NZ Superannuation age despite claims 65 is unsustainable - 1 NEWS poll

Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Privacy concerns over Five Eyes plan to open up private messages

Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Govt slammed over policy to exclude monetary policy researchers from Monetary Policy Committee

Alan Jenkins (Stuff): The new gun laws might be an overreaction, but they’re better than no reaction at all

1News: Government waives fees to change registered sex on birth certificates

Logan Church (RNZ): Checkpoint: Family says EQC’s offer is not enough to fix their broken home

RNZ: Liquidated plumbing company owes IRD more than $1m

David Farrar: A good debate

1News: Opotiki District could become Ōpōtiki District as consultation to add macrons opens



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