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Friday’s Pro email: Shaw, Woods want to cap emissions at 2020 levels

Welcome to the final regular Newsroom Pro morning newsletter for 2019. Lynn and I appreciate your support and wish you a safe and Kirihimete Koa. We'll be back in person from January 20, even though we live in Wellington and it's a public holiday...someone needs to sort that out. Peter Dunne?

In the political economy and in business this morning, the focus is on big new climate change proposals from Climate Change Minister James Shaw and Energy Minister Megan Woods that would transform the Emissions Trading Scheme to cap emissions at 2020 levels by limiting the number of emissions in the system and doubling the carbon price cap to $50 a tonne.

They put out their news release at 5.21pm last night...grrrr. Here's the full discussion paper. There are over 100 questions addressed in 133 pages over 11 chapters in two parts for energy, farming, transport and policy experts to peruse before Christmas. My quick look (and we'll try to dig deeper later today) shows it includes proposals for:

  • bans on new coal-fired boilers and a phase out of existing ones by 2030,
  • introducing a levy on the use of coal-fired boilers, (one for the dairy industry to consider)



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