Weekend Poem: Men who paid to touch me

Men who paid to touch me


You have great tits

Will you marry me?

Where have you been all my life?

You’re gorgeous

You’re pretty, I guess. That girl is perfect

Ew. Tell me those aren’t real tattoos.

I’d tip you but you’re only worth about fifty cents

You’re incredible, take all my money

Will you marry me?

Don’t you think you should lose some weight?

At least your face is pretty

You’re too fat to be a stripper

Your body is amazing

Your body is flawless

You body isn’t that great

You have the best body in the club

You’re clearly the most beautiful girl in the club

You’re the nicest girl in the club

You’re the only girl in the club who’s said hi to me

Oh my god marry me

Will you marry me? Please say yes.

You’d be so much prettier without those tattoos

I love tattoos

I don’t like blondes

I love blondes

I’m not into big tits

I love big tits

Are they real? They look real.

Are they fake? They look fake.

I can’t believe they’re not fake

Please don’t leave. You’re the most important person in the world to me. I’d do anything for you

I just want to make you happy.

I love your body

Hell yeah love those BBW

You’re too fat for me

It’s really refreshing to see a normal body in here

You’re a real woman

Can I touch it?

Can I lick?

Why can’t I touch?

Why won’t you kiss me?

I just want to kiss you

You have the cutest dimples

You have such a beautiful smile

You smile too much it’s creepy

Will you marry me?

You’re a lying, manipulative little whore

You have great tits.

-- Hadassah Grace

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