WATCH: Orangutan Jungle School

Orangutan Jungle School is a documentary series about a unique forest school in Borneo that prepares hundreds of young orphaned orangutans for a life in the wild.

The series has been made by Dunedin’s NHNZ and will screen on Choice TV from January 10 at 7.30pm.

The producers have provided Newsroom with some short videos that give a fascinating insight into the world of these endangered orangutans.

In this first episode, we meet Valentino, the class clown of the jungle. 

Valentino is three years old and has been in Jungle School for around two and a half years. He was rescued when he was found alone in a forest, after his mother was killed by villagers protecting their crops – a very common situation in Borneo.

He is the Group two (primary school) class clown and likes to do everything in his own innovative way. But some orangutan skills, like opening a coconut, are just too hard to crack and he has to ask his babysitter for help.

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