Great South Stories: A family’s passion

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With the help of NZ On-air filmmaker Rupert Mackenzie under the working title 'Great South Stories' has taken cameras out to film an eclectic mix of stories about the lives of interesting characters.

Rupert has compiled 10 insightful and at time's confronting stories that take us up the driveways and behinds doors of those on the famed Great South Road.

When you meet the Shaw brothers of Paterangi, you cannot help but notice they get on swimmingly. They listen to each other, jesting gently back and forth, with both having a penchant to tease a memory into a story.

The Shaw brothers share a passion for duck shooting, and it is a passion that has been shared through four generations. One spot in particular - Lake Nga Rotoiti - has always taken the cake. The family's relationship with the lake has been so enduring that the brothers talk of it as if it were a family member.

Opening morning, Peter and Len were up at the crack of dawn while the film crew and I suffered through the morning to get there on time. The exercise was beautiful to shoot. The family tradition has played out in the shadow of an ever-evolving Great South Road for nearly 90 years. Enjoy. 

Great South Road is New Zealand’s longest road, starting in Auckland’s swanky shopping quarter of Newmarket and ending in Ohaupo, Waikato Dairy country.

Used by or home to car dealers, churches, residences, food outlets, farmers, the homeless, street rappers, volunteers, and schools, it is a road that intersects and connects our past, the present, and future.  

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