Great South Stories: Dilworth’s pledge to turn good kids into good men

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With the help of NZ On-air, filmmaker Rupert Mackenzie has taken cameras out to film an eclectic mix of stories about the lives of interesting characters on the famed Great South Road.

Dilworth's sports fields sit adjacent to Great South Road.

The school is but a short walk from the swanky shopping quarter of Newmarket, and a literal stones throw away from the beautiful homes that neighbour the school's sprawling property.

Its buildings are a mixture of old and new - the old reflecting the origins of its 1894 founder, Irishman James Dilworth.

James Dilworth had visions to start a school for boys “from good families with limited means”, and in its history it has provided exactly that educative service for thousands of boys and their families over its 124 year history.

We spent a day filming with Alistair Patterson, College House Master and coach of the Dilworth First Fifteen.

From Alistair we learned that rugby - while important - is not just about rugby in and of itself. Rather, it’s a vehicle to help make good kids into good young men. And as evidenced by the camaraderie, and the appreciative and willing participants, rugby fulfils its purpose. 

Great South Road is New Zealand’s longest road, starting in Auckland’s swanky shopping quarter of Newmarket and ending in Ohaupo, Waikato Dairy country.

Used by or home to car dealers, churches, residences, food outlets, farmers, the homeless, street rappers, volunteers, and schools, it is a road that intersects and connects our past, the present, and future.

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