Changing South: How to save a school

As part of a series about life in the South Island, this video takes a look at the dedicated parents of a Christchurch school who wouldn't take no for an answer

It took a dedicated group of Christchurch parents to put a “stake in the ground” and declare an intention to turn their school around.

It’s a huge task to turn a school around when the roll is dropping and there’s little love from the locals. At West Spreydon School it’s taken a decade.

It’s also taken courage, inspiring leadership and dozens of working bees to make the school the pride of it’s community.


This summer, Newsroom is featuring the work of renowned Christchurch documentary-maker Gerard Smyth.

In this series, called ‘Changing South’, Smyth looks at life in the South Island – the people, the places and how events like the Christchurch earthquake have had a lasting impact.

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