Election 2020

Help Newsroom shape the election debate

If it was just you and New Zealand’s political party leaders in a room, what would you ask them? We've gone through hundreds of reader submissions to create a shortlist - now it's time for you to vote.

At the start of 2020, the Newsroom team put our heads together to start thinking about how we would report on this year’s general election.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic threw our plans - with everyone else’s - out the window.

When we made it out of the first lockdown (with new expertise in Zoom calls and sourdough starters) and reviewed how we would cover the campaign, it was obvious the country would face some unique challenges and big questions this year.

How should our recovery from Covid-19 take shape, and which party is best placed to deliver on that vision? What should return to normal, and what should change forever?

Then there are not one, but two referendums. Should we legalise cannabis? What about euthanasia?

While our team of experienced journalists continues to pursue the big stories week-in, week-out, we wanted to also try something different.

Last week we put the call out, asking readers: "If you could ask NZ's party leaders one question this election, what would it be?"

And you answered in droves with more than a thousand questions submitted on everything from animal welfare to affordable housing.

We even had people asking party leaders, 'What song is on the top of your Spotify playlist?' and 'Why is David Seymour such a cutie?'

So, once again, we're asking for your input. We've narrowed down a shortlist of the best questions submitted on a range of subject areas - and now we'd like you to vote on your top five

Voting closes 11.59pm Sunday September 13.

Oh, and one more thing: when our reporters are on the campaign trail, we won't just be sharing what leaders say. We'll be getting beneath the surface of an issue to explain why it matters, who and what is holding up action or leading the way, and what the parties plan to do about it. If you want to support this reporting you can help us by either subscribing to Newsroom Pro or making a donation to our journalism fund. 


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