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How Kiwi Wealth responded to Covid-19

Kiwi Wealth’s head of customer services Matt Beach zooms in from his home in Whitby to talk to Bernard Hickey about how his team worked remotely to answer questions from Kiwi Saver customers

Matt Beach has been in tricky situations before, but reconfiguring Kiwi Wealth’s call centre to work remotely and answer the queries of thousands of customers worried about their savings was as challenging as it gets.

Beach knows about challenges. He represented New Zealand in Taekwondo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and once headed up Britain’s visa and immigration hub in Bogotá in Colombia. 

He explains to Bernard Hickey in this zoom call from Whitby in Wellington how he and his Porirua and Hawkes Bay-based call centre teams changed the way they did things to ensure customers got the answers they needed. 

This conversation runs through the types of questions Kiwi Wealth customers were asking in the midst of the biggest bout of financial volatility since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/09.

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