Pure As: Ameliaranne Ekenasio

LockerRoom brings you the first episode of Pure As, a mini documentary series on the Silver Ferns' personal journeys to World Cup glory.

So much of the magic and composure Silver Ferns captain Ameliaranne Ekenasio brings to the netball court today was learned from years of sitting on the bench.

It’s hard to believe the outstanding shooter, who shone in the Ferns' World Cup victory, spent four seasons on the bench for the Queensland Firebirds, and one season fighting for her bib in the Central Pulse.

In the first episode of the 'Pure As' documentary miniseries, made by Netball NZ, Ekenasio speaks candidly of the "dark times" in her life - struggling to make an impact on the Australian netball scene, and the loss of her much-loved mum.

But the toughest time came soon after the birth of her son, Ocean, when the Silver Fern returned to netball, but couldn't make the starting line-up of the Pulse.

"The point where I couldn't get on court for the Pulse... that's where I became a world champion," says Ekenasio, who reveals how she put in the hard yards, and the help she had, to earn her place back in the Ferns for the 2019 World Cup.

Six of the world champion Silver Ferns share their personal stories in the ‘Pure As’ series, giving insights into the Ferns’ individual journeys towards uplifting the World Cup in Liverpool.

Episodes will be released weekly through, and shown on LockerRoom every Saturday.

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