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Should trans-athletes play women’s rugby?

On this week's Extra Time podcast, World Rugby is proposing to ban trans-athletes from playing in the women's game, but will New Zealand rugby follow suit?

This week's announcement on the highly-emotive issue has created plenty of debate. World Rugby says the move to ban trans-athletes from women's rugby is about safety, with the latest research indicating a reduction of testosterone doesn't lead to a reduction in muscle mass, strength or power.  

NZ Rugby suggests its loathe to implement the policy, but chief operating officer Nicki Nicol says they will review it and use it as a starting point. It's the organisation's goal, she says, to keep trans-athletes included in the sport.

Extra Time host Stephen Hewson discusses the contentious issue with former Black Fern Louisa Wall, Ani O'Brien from Speak Up for Women New Zealand and sports journalist Hamish Bidwell.

And South Africa and Australia haven't been backward in coming forward in criticising NZ Rugby's planned new Super Rugby competition suggesting NZ Rugby is trying to split the game - what's got everyone so riled up?

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