Podcast: Extra Time

When sports stars keep on going... and going...

Extra Time questions what is it that keeps athletes going long after their contemporaries have retired? And why do we become obsessed with age?

Over the hill, golden oldies, old fogies, silver foxes, OAPs. There are plenty of names - some endearing, some not so - when it comes to getting on in years.

The news that former Silver Fern Anna Harrison, now 37, is returning to top level netball for the Northern Stars next season got us thinking here at Extra Time about the 'senior citizens' of elite sport.

We hear from Harrison and former All Black Adam Thompson - who at 38 is still going strong in Super Rugby - and Barry Guy is joined on the panel by Olympic rowing champion Mahe Drysdale, former Silver Fern Jodi Brown and Black Sticks hockey player Shea McAleese to discuss just what it is that keeps their passion for sport burning.

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