Covid-19 in NZ - Thursday’s numbers charted

How is Covid-19 spreading within the country? Newsroom is collating information as it's available to paint a picture of what's happening.

There were 89 new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand today, up from the previous day's 61 new cases.

The increase from 61 to 89 is a 46 percent increase. 

At present the number of cases is taking longer than two days to double.

There are 704 active cases - this is the number of people who currently have the virus. The number is lower than the total cases as people who have recovered, or died are not included in the total.

The number of tests done each day is no longer released by the Ministry of Health. Instead a rolling seven day average is being released as well as the overall total tests to date. The below chart shows how many have resulted in a confirmed case since testing began. Newsroom will continue to seek a daily test numbers from the Ministry of Health.

Thirteen people are in hospital at present. Two patients are using ICU beds.

The number of staffed ICU beds in the country is 153. There are additional beds which could be used for ICU patients if needed in wards and other areas. The number of potential beds in an emergency situation across DHBs and private hospitals is estimated at 585.

New Zealand is still well away from the tipping point for hospitals estimated by Te Pūnaha Matatini. When active cases reach 40,000 it's expected the need for ICU beds would overwhelm what is available.

To date a total of 92 patients have recovered from Covid-19.

There are clusters of cases emerging where a number of people are confirmed or suspected of having caught the virus.

The following charts are based on current detailed data available for cases. As these details aren't made available until after the daily announcement some numbers may differ from official totals. Newsroom will update charts as detailed case information is made available. 

People in their 20s have the most Covid-19 cases.

Slightly more females have the virus than males.

Community spread is the suspected cause of infection for one percent of New Zealand's infections. The cause of 17 percent are still to be investigated. Community transmission is where someone has the virus, but hasn't travelled and hasn't been in contact with a known case.  The following graph is taken from published percentages on the Ministry of Health website.

Detailed case data shared by the Ministry of Health each day doesn't specify community transmission as an infection cause. It identifies whether the case has been linked to overseas travel or not, or has blank information or "Unknown" listed. Today Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said unknown cases are cases under investigation.

A graph to watch is the change in the source of infection over time. With borders shut to overseas travellers the blue line is likely to drop. As spread happens with New Zealand the maroon line rise. The graph is based on daily cases.

There are now cases of Covid-19 in every DHB of the country. 

Credible information is crucial in a crisis.

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